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OPML roadshow meetup in NYC, July 12, 7PM

A picture named chrysler.jpgNext Tuesday, July 12, at 7PM in NYC, we're going to have a conference-room style meetup to talk about OPML, publishing, knowledge, scholarship, news and the World Outline.

It'll be both user-oriented (with demos) and technical; and may serve as a prototype for future meetings in other cities.

Steve Smith at Ritchie Capital has generously offered the use of their 38th floor conference room (great view of midtown skyscrapers, including the Chrysler Building). A fairly inspiring location. 747 Third Ave (at 46th).

The meetup is open to all Scripting News readers and their friends.

It turns out we do need people to let us know they're coming in advance of Tuesday's meetup. Please send an email to Mike at Hacking Netflix, so he can add your name to the list, and when you get there on Tuesday the security people will know to let you in. Sorry for the late notice.# Posted by Dave Winer on 7/6/05; 6:33:11 AM - --


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