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Now where did I put that?

# Posted by Dave Winer on 4/13/09; 1:48:23 AM - --

David Bunnell at Starbuck's in Berkeley

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DavidBunnell.jpg# Posted by Dave Winer on 11/15/05; 5:21:28 PM - --

Scripting News dinner in Washington DC area, Friday Nov 18?

Sorry, the dinner has been cancelled, I have to be back on the west coast for an important event in the valley.

# Posted by Dave Winer on 11/8/05; 10:35:16 PM - --

My new Macintosh


# Posted by Dave Winer on 11/3/05; 6:20:09 PM - --

The Bay Bridge from San Francisco in the morning

A picture named bayBridge.jpg# Posted by Dave Winer on 11/1/05; 10:30:14 AM - --

TagCamp has history

Tagcamp is tomorrow and Saturday in Palo Alto. I think I'll book a room in Palo Alto and go hang out with the campers. Maybe I'll provide the music. "Go to the mirror boy!" For 18 points, guess the significance of the location

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# Posted by Dave Winer on 10/27/05; 6:05:05 PM - --

Jim Cramer's college roommate?

For 25 points, who was Jim "Mad Money" Cramer's college roommate?

A picture named jim.jpg# Posted by Dave Winer on 10/22/05; 9:08:59 PM - --

Berkeley geek dinner, Monday October 24

We're having a geek dinner in Berkeley on Monday evening, to honor our guest from up north, Robert Scoble.

Where/when: Fellini's, 1401 University, Berkeley, CA. 510-841-5200, 7:45PM. Parking is easy, they have their own lot, in the back. Limit of 25 people, it's possible more may squeeze in. They also have a coffee bar. No wifi, sorry. Please RSVP in the comments here.
# Posted by Dave Winer on 10/22/05; 12:36:45 PM - --


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