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Meet me in Seattle?

A picture named allusers.jpgI don't go to many industry conferences these days, but this year's Gnomedex, in Seattle, June 23-25, is shaping up as a gotta-be-there event. I could tell when the guys on the Starbucks Coffee Notes (March 31 in NYC) asked if I was going. Then Kosso, who lives in London (that's in Europe!) asked if I was going. By then I was already working with Chris, but I wanted to leave it a tease, so I said nothing. With  the help of Steve Gillmor, who was at BloggerCon III, we worked out a plan to include a taste of unconference at the beginning of Gnomedex, to help get the "audience" out of their seats, sharing their ideas. You know, just like blogs. And it's cool because I get to go back to Seattle, where I spent four happy months at the end of 2004. I'm totally looking forward to Gnomedex, and thanks to Chris and Ponzi for extending the very generous invitation to keynote! I can't wait.

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