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Review of new Yahoo Groups

Of course I don't like the new Yahoo Groups user interface, no surprise there, when you've become accustomed the way a piece of software works, and it changes, unexpectedly, well, it's like waking from a dream, one you weren't even aware you were having.

Certain things seem totally wrong, like the huge places for pictures for each of the groups. Most groups don't have them, so the box says "add photo." I wonder if more people are going to add photos now (and was it an attempt to be like Flickr, I wonder?) The tradeoff seems unreasonable. Now there's room for far-fewer groups on a page.

They also vertically expanded the listing for members and messages, again, you can see fewer on a page. Maybe they're displaying more information, but there's also a lot more white space, which in some contexts could be nice, but here, is a waste, making you work harder to find the same information you found before.

They did change one thing that's not cosmetic, now all members can browse the member lists of groups. I wonder how much they thought this through, I'm pretty sure I don't belong to any groups I wouldn't want people to know about. Hmmm.

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