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Update on car buying experience

Okay I'm up to the point in the car buying thing to start looking for bids. I've done a lot of reading, a little test driving, a lot of thinking, and have it narrowed down to a couple of make-models. So now it's time to find out which site is going to get the commission.

My guess, it's probably vehix.com. They sure don't have the best information, Edmonds wins that prize, but they're right on top of the sales process. They give you numbers without sending email, now I know those numbers are likely to change, but they've already assigned a sales rep, who's going to contact me via email (I gave them an incorrect phone number), and then the contact comes.

In contrast, cars.msn.com has said that I'll get a couple of bids from local dealers, and Edmonds has already sent the leads out and I got one email back 24 hours later, saying I should call the dealer. Vehix.com is the go-getter.

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