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Question about IIS on Windows 2000

I have a question about W2K server.
I have a new server with 5 IP addresses.
I want to assign one of the IP addresses to IIS and one to Frontier.
I've got IIS working, but when I try to start Frontier, I get "address already in use."
If I flip it around, and set up Frontier first, then I can't start IIS, with the same message.
So I'm sure some way IIS is using some addresses that I can't see.
I've been through all the services in the Internet Services Manager Administrative tool, and none of them appear to be using the IP address I've assigned to Frontier.
I wonder if there's a tool that can show me what addresses are used by what services?
# Posted by Dave Winer on 10/13/04; 9:29:01 PM - --


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