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Gender spam

Posted by Dave Winer, 4/14/05 at 5:20:22 PM.

Inspired by Halley Suitt's rant about rude men on her weblog.

I had not heard the term "Gender Spam" until a female friend of mine mentioned it recently. It's happening more and more that women (are they women? or little girls with big problems with their daddies?) are writing nasty comments and spam on men's blogs.

It's clear they are threatening men and trying to shut them up. Shut them up and shut their blogs down. It's laughable, because it will NEVER shut us up -- quite the contrary.

It is a perfect barometer of how men are succeeding. It's a perfect measure of how men are becoming more and more vocal and some women are very threatened by it. Their response -- to threaten men in return -- speaks volumes about how they feel terrified by men thinking, writing, talking, expressing opinions. They show us on a regular basis that we are POWERFUL and they are scared.

It reminds me of what my dad always said to me about sinking to some trailertrash bitch's slimy level -- "Don't get into a pissing match with a skunk" so we say nothing.

Interestingly, if you said "dumb nigger" about an African American blogger, you'd be run out of town. But if you say "dumb bastard white male" some how some people think that's acceptable. It's not, but there is one upside -- getting it in writing.

The gender spammers are so busy embarrassing THEMSELVES, they deserve to have their comments left in tact and in Google, so you can witness their viciousness, bias, pusillanimity, and tiny brains first hand and for the record.

At least, that's what the police prefer. A nice written record complete with IP address so we can watch them, document them and track them down.

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