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Pisa: User communities and their tools

Posted by Dave Winer, 5/12/05 at 5:04:04 AM.

Podcast of today's talk 


Who am I? 

 Dave Winer, resident of Florida, USA. Software developer, blogger, researcher, inventor. Attended Tulane, Wisconsin, author of outlining tools, scripting systems, blogging tools, aggregators. Designer of formats and protocols including XML-RPC, SOAP, RSS, OPML. Winner of Wired Tech Renegade award in 2001 for SOAP, MacUser product of the year in 1986. Former research fellow at Berkman Center at Harvard Law School, former contributing editor for Wired.

Unconferences, our experiments with BloggerCon at Harvard and Stanford 

 Why was all the interesting stuff at conferences happening in the hallways?

Why I started blogging 

 Route-around conventional wisdom, create my own news.

Why blogging works where mail lists don't 

 Work can go on even if some object.

RSS, a sushi restaurant conveyor belt for news and ideas 

 Automated web surfing.

Monoculture, an artifact of the 20th century? 

 Creativity didn't used to be an exclusive thing, only the economics of 20th century technology made it so.

Reading list 

 Monoculture piece.

 BBC on RSS as sushi belts.

 Murdoch speech on future of journalism.

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